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The People and Ships of PQ17

HMS Pozarica of Convoy PQ17 - details the history of Pozarica, includes more eyewitness memoirs of PQ17 and a wealth of photographs.

Coxswain in the Northern Convoys - excerpts from a book by Sid Kerslake, a crewmember on the armed trawler Northern Gem. Includes chapters on PQ17, the aftermath in Russia and the return journey.

Russian Convoy PQ17...Our Fight through Arctic Seas to Russia - the story of Chief Steward Horace Carswell DSM, MM, BEM of the CAM ship SS Empire Tide.

HMS Poppy - her service record and accounts by John Beardmore, navigating officer in Poppy, of her part in and his experiences of PQ17.

PQ17 - Journal of a Midshipman - journal entries by then Midshipman (later Lt. Cdr.) Richard Campbell-Begg. This article is part of an excellent site maintained by the Second World War Experience Centre, dedicated to preserving primary source material from war veterans, at www.war-experience.org.

Convoy PQ17 - One Sailor's story - a link to an article published in Navy News in 2002. Mr. Green, formerly the Senior Leading Seaman Asdic/sonar rating aboard La Malouine, relates his experience of PQ17. This makes an excellent companion piece to Jack Bowman's diary.

Captain Jack Broome DSC, RN - Commander of PQ17s destroyer escort. A Wikipedia entry which includes a section on PQ17 and his part in it and also the libel case related to David Irvings book about PQ17.

Halcyon Class Minesweepers - An excellent site with detailed records and events surrounding these ships. Look for the links to HMS's Britomart, Bramble, Salamander, Halcyon and Leda. Excerpts from Jack Bowman's diary are included in the 1942 pages for Bramble and Leda.

Primary Source Accounts of PQ17 - gathered together, for download, are seven first hand accounts of PQ17 intended for the convenience of the scholar or academic. The file is zipped to preserve bandwidth and is in PDF document format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer in order to read it.

Secondary accounts of PQ17 and the Arctic Convoys

Arctic Convoys - Wikipedia entry

Convoy PQ17 - Wikipedia entry

World War II: Convoy PQ.17 - As their escorts turned away, the ships of the doomed Allied convoy followed orders and began to disperse in the Arctic waters. By Raymond A. Denkhaus

PQ-17 |The greatest Convoy disaster - an overview of the convoy at uboat.net

The destruction of Convoy PQ17 - a feature article in Navy News on 1st August 2002.

Merchant Navy in WW2 - PQ17 - an overview and effort to analyse where the blame lies for the outcome of PQ17.


The Destruction of Convoy PQ17 - by David Irving (ISBN 0-7183-0477-2). A controversial author but still a well researched account of PQ17. Download an electronic copy of the whole book here. This is the 1968 edition.

The Papers of Jackie Broome - (Captain Jack Broome DSC, RN) his personal archive at the Churchill Archives Centre.

Convoy! - by Paul Kemp (Cassell Military Paperbacks, 2000: ISBN 0-304-35451-1) gives a good concise account of PQ17.

Flower Class Corvette - Related Sites

Wikipedia entry - for Flower Class Corvettes

The Flower Class Corvette Association (FCCA) - A members association for those who served in Flowers Class corvettes.

The Flower Class Corvette and WWII Royal Navy Forums - A forum encouraging and promoting open discussion on all aspects of the operation of the Flower Class Corvettes and other WWII Royal Navy ships in the Battle of the Atlantic and other theatres of naval operations during World War II.

HMS La Malouine - Wikipedia entry.

HMS Lotus - Wikipedia entry

HMS Hollyhock - a site dedicated to HMS Hollyhock and to A J Wickett (Stoker 1st Class.)

HMS Poppy - her service record and personal accounts.

HMS Bryony - a memorial page.

HMCS Sackville - the last preserved example of a Flower Class corvette. Sackville is Canada's Naval Memorial. You can still visit the old, official, Sackville site here.

HMCS Trentonian - un-official site of the Trentonian.

Other Useful Resources

Ahoy - Mac's Web Log - A site dedicated to all "Who went down to the sea in ships" in World War 2, in whatever capacity they may have served the cause of freedom, but especially to the 84 officers and men who died in HMAS Canberra at the Battle of Savo Island. This site also hosts an excellent forum.

naval-history.net - Naval history of World War 1, 2 and the Falklands War, including warship and merchant ship losses.

FLOAT - Fleetwood Online Archive of Trawlers. A digital archive of images showing trawlers from Fleetwood, Grimsby, Hull and many other European ports.

The Bosuns Watch - The Fleetwood trawler site.

ConvoyWeb - Comprehensive details of convoys and the ships involved with searchable databases.

uboat.net - an excellent resource covering the activities of u-boats and their Allied adversaries. Excellent, detailed, databases of u-boats, Allied warships and merchantmen.


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